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For a business to succeed they have to be where their customers are…and that’s on their phone. Times have changed. People live on their phones. The traditional advertising of brochures, direct mail and print advertisements are just not effective anymore.

ASBMA Mobile APP Builder

ASBMA has an advanced Mobile APP Builder platform designed for small businesses to easily control.  ASBMA’s powerful platform is designed in such a way that it does not limit customer creativity so businesses won’t outgrow their Mobile APP.

Other Services

SEO Optimization

You can't buy your way to the top. People are smart and when they search for something they skip the top paid links. We will help you get to the top naturally through local directories which Google, Bing and Yahoo pull from as well as recommend and implement many other SEO optimization options.


Social Media Reputation

The real value of Facebook is friends of your fans.  We can give you an analysis to show you how to reach new audiences on Facebook and encourage interactions.  


Web Design

We offer all solutions from start to finish with over 100 websites designed worldwide.  Web site design, redesign, development, hosting, e-commerce. HTML5, Javascript, PHP, ASP, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento.


Top Ten Reasons Why Your Business Needs an APP

10. Smartphones are "THE GO TO" place for information and your customer’s decisions on what to do or buy.   Less than 4% of websites are mobile optimized. 

9. Have your brochure, menu, specials, coupons, rewards cards and all your other information in your customer’s pockets 24-7.   Achieve 24-7 exposure and communication with your customers instantly.

8. Text Broadcasting and your app is the only way to have a direct influence on when your customers come back. 

7. Your APP integrates with Facebook™, Twitter™, YouTube™, Linkedin™, Apple Passbook™ and APPcart™ 

6. Easy to use back office/customer database/content management system.  Update your app and it instantly changes and updates on all your customers' smartphones and tablets. 

5. Customers can download your app via GooglePlay™, APP locator link, QR-Code and share your App with a click of a button.  

4. Sell products and services directly through your app with APPcart™ when you are open and closed. 

3. Lead capture your customers phone, email and location plus know who, where and when they use your app. 

2. With a custom app, your logo and business name is always on your customers' smartphone.  No need for them to type or remember your web address. 

1. Turn your slow day into your busiest day and make more money all year long!!!

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